Approaching Pain

Pain. Something our bodies and minds utilize to signal to us that something needs attention. My usual reaction to pain, to discomfort, has included hyper-focusing on what hurts, and then running from that pain, numbing it, whether it be through restricting food, exercising to create a new physical pain to focus on, etc. Something I have... Continue Reading →

The. Best. Bread. Ever!!!!

Here's something fun about me- I love to bake. I have a window on my laptop that constantly has new recipes on it, and 85% are for baked goods. I used to be someone who rarely baked, and making a recipe required a special trip to the grocery store to get flour, sugar, etc, but... Continue Reading →

hope soldiers.

As the year came to a close, newsfeeds and timelines were full of posts about how terrible 2017 was and how glad people were to see it go. This seems to happen every year, and I always wonder why. It's an easy pattern to get stuck in; it's much easier and natural to focus on... Continue Reading →

Leaning In

As I write this post, I am sitting in the Detroit airport, slightly boozy (it's so nice to be 21), having just finished my semester a little less than 3 hours ago. Pretty much every college student out there is excited to have a few weeks off and to have finished finals, but finishing this... Continue Reading →

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